Jak skutecznie usunąć rysy z powierzchni szklanych?

How to effectively remove scratches from glass surfaces?

Glass in various forms is ubiquitous in our homes, and not just in modern interiors. It is an extremely universal material that fits in perfectly with almost any style.
Unfortunately, over time and especially with use, unsightly scratches often appear on glass surfaces. This is very difficult to prevent, but fortunately it is easy to fix.

How to refresh the surface of glass?

Cerium oxide, of course, comes to the rescue and takes care of the shortcomings of the glass, polishing its surface so that it regains its former lustre. Prounol Cerium Oxide is perfect for this task as it is designed for the final polishing of glass surfaces and the removal of blemishes, abrasions, minor scratches, scale and adhesive residue. After using cerium oxide, polished surfaces regain their perfect lustre. The product is gentle, gentle to glass surfaces and does not cause any permanent damage.
Cerium oxide for removing scratches from glass

Application of cerium oxide

Cerium oxide all purpose polishing powder is perfect for:

  • Removing light scratches
  • Repairing minor imperfections such as chips and discolouration
  • Polishing glass surfaces
  • Removing scale and glue residue
    Pronunol cerium oxide for polishing glass

    Suitable for removing scratches and polishing window glass, shower cubicles, aquariums, induction hobs, watch glasses, spectacles, lenses, jewellery, gemstones, crystals, tempered glass, ceramic tiles, terracotta and marble. Cerium oxide for glass polishing is easy to use, does not damage polished objects, gives an amazing polishing effect and is highly effective.
    The product is in the form of a powder that is mixed with water and used with any rotary polisher or electric drill to create the most effective and quickest scratch removal kit.
    Detailed step-by-step instructions on how to prepare the Cerium Oxide paste and how to use it correctly will be appearing on our blog soon!

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