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Silicone pouring oil 60 ml

Silicone pouring oil 60 ml

An additive for acrylic paints that allows you to create unique patterns and effective color transitions in the fluid painting technique, also known as pouring.

100% PURE: Acrylic paint oil has the perfect formula and viscosity to add lots of stunning effects to your acrylic paintings. Our oil is 100% pure and 100% transparent. It will not affect the colors of your paints in any undesirable way.

100% SAFE: the product is safe, non-toxic, odorless and does not contain harmful chemical derivatives.

VERSATILE: Depending on the technique, it produces large or small cells, allows the penetration and mixing of colors and allows you to obtain interesting color compositions.

HOW TO USE: Depending on the technique, mix each color separately or all together with the medium and water (optional). Add two to three drops of silicone oil for each color. Start pouring and spreading the paint on the canvas. In some techniques, the silicone oil is only sprayed on the finished painting, before the paint dries. As the last step, you can use a burner.

CONVENIENT BOTTLE: The handy 60ml pinch bottle allows precise and controlled product flow and ensures convenient application.

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