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Cleaning and maintenance oil for weapons 60 ml

Cleaning and maintenance oil for weapons 60 ml

Silicone oil for comprehensive weapon care. Effectively cleans, lubricates and protects all types of weapons, including CO2, PCA and spring air guns, firearms, air guns, airsoft replicas, etc. Thanks to its properties, it ensures efficient operation of weapons for a long time.

100% PURE: Full Gun Care Silicone Oil is ideally formulated and viscous to protect most gun types from premature wear. It is 100% pure and transparent. It will not affect the parts of the weapon in any undesirable way and will not change the color of those parts.

100% SAFE: the product is safe, non-toxic, odorless and does not contain harmful chemical derivatives.

VERSATILE: designed for both air guns and rifles, airsoft guns and real firearms. For internal and external use. Silicone is great at extending the life of all rubber, vinyl, plastic and silicone parts such as gaskets, o-rings and valves. It also protects metal and wood finishes from rust and corrosion. Highly resistant to water and dirt. It does not evaporate and does not damage wood like mineral oils.

HOW TO USE: If you take care of your air gun, be sure to lubricate seals, o-rings and all moving parts. If your gun has a hop-up system, make sure the hop-up bucking is dry and clean of oil. If you're handling a real firearm, make sure you apply oil after you've cleaned it of firing residue. In both cases, you can apply oil to the barrel and magazine to protect the firearm during storage and use.

CONVENIENT BOTTLE: The oil is contained in a handy clamp bottle that allows precise and controlled flow of the product and ensures convenient application even in hard-to-reach places. Bottle capacity 60ml.

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