Jak prawidłowo stosować olej do konserwacji bieżni?

How to use treadmill maintenance oil correctly?

Does your treadmill need servicing? Don't know how to do it? We have prepared a short guide on how to lubricate treadmill belt correctly. Read our tips and you will see that maintaining your treadmill is really easy.

An electric treadmill is the most popular choice of home exercise equipment. A smooth-running treadmill guarantees a successful and enjoyable workout. To keep it running perfectly, it is worth using lubricant oil for treadmill regularly to lubricate the space between the belt and the treadmill deck quickly, precisely and safely. Professional silicone treadmill oil from Prounol effectively reduces noise, reduces friction, prevents belt wobble, protects against scratches and preserves belt and deck. Treadmill oil is ideal for commercial use in professional gyms as well as home use.

Does treadmill maintenance keep you up at night?

Have you bought treadmill maintenance oil and don't know what to do next? Wondering how much product to use and where to apply it? No need to worry! Follow these tips and your maintenance will be quick and efficient:

  • Unplug the treadmill and clean the area between the deck and the running belt with a dry cloth.
  • Apply a small amount of silicone treadmill oil under the belt: 40 cm from the motor cover and 10-15 cm from the edge of the belt. Squeeze the oil in a wave shape over a length of 30-40 cm.
  • Use 5-10 ml of oil per side. This means 2-3 squeezes of the applicator.
  • Repeat this process on the other side of the treadmill.
  • Turn on the power and walk on the treadmill for approximately 3 minutes to evenly distribute the oil evenly over the entire surface of the belt.
  • Remember to lubricate the treadmill every 30-60 hours of use.


Watch our step-by-step video to see how to do this:

How to measure the right amount of oil?

When you choose Prounol treadmill oil, you can be sure that you will get exactly the amount of oil you need and that it will always reach those hard-to-reach places.
The 200ml and 500ml oils come with an ultra-precise flow control applicator that allows you to apply the product exactly where it is needed. This solution is more efficient than the flexible tubes used in similar products because the applicator is rigid and reaches further than a tube, providing easier and more precise application and allowing accurate measurement of the amount of product.

Enjoy the smooth operation of your treadmill!

Regular use of silicone treadmill oil in accordance with the above tips will ensure smooth and safe operation of your equipment and maximum comfort during your workout. It will also extend the life of your equipment.



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