Jakie zastosowania ma smar silikonowy?

What can silicone grease be used for?

Squeaky doors, jammed drawers and leaky taps are the bane of many households. These little problems always seem to crop up when you least expect them, but fortunately they are easy to fix without having to call in a professional. Provided, of course, that you have Prounol Silicone Grease to hand. This multi-functional product is truly irreplaceable in many household emergencies. To make the most of its excellent properties, let's take a look at its characteristics.

What is silicone grease?

Prounol Silicone Grease is an effective silicone-based lubricating and maintenance product. The product forms a durable, thin and smooth layer on the surfaces where it is used, which does not harden and retains all its elasticity. The grease also has antistatic and hydrophobic properties, which means that it perfectly displaces water, thus protecting the surface against rust. This multi-functional product has a very wide range of applications and is particularly recommended for use on metal, plastic and synthetic materials. Its light formula allows the lubricant to reach even the most inaccessible places.

What are the properties of silicone grease?

Silicone grease is characterised by its high viscosity, which effectively reduces friction on metal parts and has excellent preservative and protective properties for plastics and rubbers, including against freezing and cracking caused by low temperatures.
Silicone grease is indispensable for the maintenance of door locks, hinges and guides of drawers, cupboards, etc., ensuring long and trouble-free operation of the mechanisms. The light formula allows the Prounol silicone grease lubricant to effectively reach even hard-to-reach places.

Prounol multi-functional silicone grease for a wide range of applications:

  • protects plastic, rubber, silicone and vinyl,
  • prolongs the life of o-rings,
  • seals moving parts,
  • creates a highly resistant sliding layer,
  • insulates electrical connections,
  • protects against moisture,
  • resists washing out and dirt adhesion,
  • gives shine and protects plastics from cracking.


What to use silicone grease for?

Thanks to its properties, silicone grease is a universal product that anyone can use successfully in their home or workshop. There are really many applications. At home, we most often use it to repair squeaky doors. Just a little grease on the hinges is enough to ensure that doors and windows open and close quietly. It is also worth treating locks from time to time. It is also perfect for jammed drawers, blinds, etc. However, if a leaky tap in your kitchen or bathroom is a nightmare, instead of calling the plumber, it is worth getting some grease and treating the seals with it.
Grease is also appreciated by car drivers, especially in winter, because it perfectly revitalises car seals and protects them from freezing and cracking. In severe frost, it reduces the risk of car locks freezing, and when used on the cockpit, it polishes the car to make it look like new inside. Cycling enthusiasts can use the lubricant to maintain their bicycle chain.
Silicone grease protects metal surfaces from corrosion and moisture, making it ideal for lubricating machine parts, precision mechanisms, bearings and plastic gears. It is also perfect for all cables, chains, bearings, lines, tyres and much more.
As you can see, silicone grease has a wide range of applications. If you are looking for an effective repair and maintenance product for your home, garage or workshop, choose Prounol Silicone Grease.

As you can see, the range of uses for silicone grease is very wide. If you are looking for an effective repair and maintenance product in your home, garage or workshop, choose Prounol general-purpose silicone grease.

Prounol silicone grease - examples of applications

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