Lanolina – naturalna podstawa pielęgnacji skóry

Lanolin – a natural basis for skin care

Lanolin is a natural substance derived from sheep fat. Because lanolin's properties are similar to those of the lipid layer of human skin, it is a popular ingredient in moisturisers, creams, ointments and balms, as well as hair care products. It is also a popular soothing agent for nipple irritation caused by breastfeeding.

Many people struggle with dry, rough and chapped skin. One of the causes of this phenomenon is the action of harmful external factors such as strong wind or exposure to UV rays. This can damage the structure of the skin. For example, the epidermis may become cracked. To improve the condition of your skin, make regular moisturising and oiling part of your daily skin care routine. We recommend using lanolin.

What is lanolin and where does it come from?

Lanolin is a valuable ingredient that has been used in skin care since time immemorial. It is a natural wax of animal origin, obtained through a special refining process. It is a by-product of the sheep shearing process. Sheep's wool undergoes a cleaning process, one of the stages of which is washing in hot water. The fat is then separated from the wool. The lanolin and water are separated by centrifugation. The raw product obtained in this way undergoes the following stages of purification: refining. Lanolin cleaned of pesticides and toxins contains about 25% water and is called hydrated lanolin. After a two-week drying process, the result is anhydrous lanolin, which is widely used in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

What are the properties of lanolin?

Pure anhydrous lanolin has a solid consistency. Its colour depends on its degree of purity. After initial purification, lanolin is yellowish to brown in colour and has a characteristic odour similar to alcohol, which disappears during further processing of wool. Lanolin used in the cosmetics industry is subjected to further purification processes which make it odourless and slightly yellow. Lanolin melts at a temperature of around 40℃. It does not dissolve in water, but can absorb twice its weight in water, which is why pure lanolin is often used in cosmetics as a natural emulsifier in pharmaceutical ointments, moisturising, nutritional, protective and night creams.


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What is lanolin added to?

Due to its caring, protective and moisturizing properties, anhydrous lanolin is a very popular base for cosmetics such as:

  • creams, ointments and body lotions – due to their ability to bind water and create a barrier on the skin surface,
  • hand and foot creams – due to their softening and moisturizing effect,
  • protective lipsticks – due to their moisturizing properties and protection against weather conditions, such as frost, wind or UV radiation,
  • baby care products, e.g. olive oil or diaper rash creams - due to their mild effect on the delicate skin of babies,
  • shampoos, conditioners and hair masks - because it gives the hair shine, softness and makes combing easier,
  • Nipple care products for breastfeeding mothers - because lanolin soothes and moisturizes irritated nipples.

How does lanolin affect the skin?

Lanolin can be found in the ingredients of many cosmetics, both as a base and an active ingredient. The list of its beneficial properties is long, and here are the most important of them:

  • moisturizes and nourishes dry skin, creating a layer on it that prevents excessive water loss,
  • lubricates dry skin that produces insufficient sebum,
  • protects the skin against unfavorable weather conditions, e.g. wind or low temperatures, and harmful environmental factors, creating an invisible film on its surface,
  • supports the penetration of nutrients and vitamins contained in care products into the skin, enables the transport of nutrients deep into the skin,
  • prevents brittle hair and split ends, facilitates combing, protects hair against damage and split ends, moisturizes dry, damaged hair,
  • accelerates the healing of wounds and epidermis damage, soothes inflammation, brings immediate relief and comfort,
  • soothes irritated and regenerates cracked nipples during breastfeeding,
  • it is a hypoallergenic ingredient, it rarely causes allergies, it can be used from the first days of life.


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Due to the many benefits of using lanolin, it is worth including it in your daily care routine. It easily penetrates the skin, regulates water management, softens the epidermis and reduces skin roughness. Creates an effective barrier on the skin surface and prevents moisture loss. Perfectly cares and nourishes even very dry skin.

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