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Lanolin 100% pure, protective cream 200 ml

Lanolin 100% pure, protective cream 200 ml

The highest quality pharmaceutical grade lanolin, obtained in a special refining process, is a natural wax obtained from sheep fat. It has caring, protective and lubricating properties. Most often used as an additive to creams, color cosmetics, shampoos, washing agents.

100% PURE LANOLIN: This is the highest quality natural wax extracted from sheep fat, produced in the EU in collaboration with animal welfare conscious mulesing-free farms. Our pure lanolin is pharmaceutical grade, contains no preservatives such as BHT or other additives, and is anhydrous and fragrance-free.
PROPERTIES: Lanolin has deeply moisturizing, nurturing, protective and oiling properties. Hand cream with lanolin softens very dry, rough and cracked skin of hands and feet, creating a barrier preventing excessive water loss. It can be used on chapped lips or nipples. It protects the skin against wind, low temperatures and harmful environmental factors.
APPLICATION: Anhydrous lanolin is easily mixed with other substances and as a natural moisturizing agent it is most often used as an additive to "handmade" cosmetics, mainly creams for dry skin, lotions and shampoos. Lanolin added to washing agents softens woolen clothes and prevents them from electrifying. The cream with lanolin can also be used on the whole body, especially on irritated or dry parts.
SAFE AND EASY TO USE: This product is completely safe for nursing mothers and babies. It can be used without additives, directly on the skin. If the product is too hard, heat it with a hair dryer. Pure lanolin melts at 36°C. If it is too soft, you can put it in the fridge for about an hour.
CAPACITY: 200 ml

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