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Cerium oxide glass polish 50g

Cerium oxide glass polish 50g

High quality cerium oxide with a purity of 99%, designed for removing scratches and polishing glass surfaces.

MULTIFUNCTIONAL: The product effectively polishes scratches, light scratches, removes discoloration, limescale and adhesive residue. NOTE: Not suitable for really deep scratches (if your fingernail "gets" into the scratch, it's probably too deep and needs to be smoothed with sandpaper first). Cerium oxide makes window panes, mirrors, car windows and even car headlights look like new.
HIGHEST STANDARD: Our cerium oxide is TREO certified 99% or higher. We use in-house technological process using laboratory-grade micron sieves to achieve 2.5 micron +/-0.25 micron particles distribution. This allows you to achieve the best polishing results without surprises.
HOW TO USE: Mix cerium oxide thoroughly with warm water (30°C - 50°C). If you need fast removing, aggressive paste mix only with a little water. For final polishing mix with more water. Optimal performance will be achieved if slurry working temperature is maintained above 30°C. Put a little on the felt polishing product. Keep felt wet through the polishing process.


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